Cities Network for Integration (CNI) Logo

Cities Network for Integration (CNI)
Cities Network for Integration (CNI) is an inter-municipal network led by Greek municipalities working together to organize and implement coordinated activities and interventions at local and national level, aimed at promoting social integration of migrants and refugees and strengthening social cohesion. The CNI is jointly supported by UNHCR and IOM.

AUTH's Photographic Club (FOAPTH) Logo

AUTH's Photographic Club (FOAPTH)
AUTH's Photographic Club (FOAPTH) is an amateur photo club, consisting of University students and graduates, who love photography. During each academic year, the Club organizes several photographic workshops and parallel activities, aiming to achieve artistic interaction through the art of photography.

Grigoris Xanthos
Official Photographer of the Municipality of Piraeus
Grigoris has worked as a photographer with no less than eight mayors in Piraeus. From the late Yannis Papaspyrou, to the current Yannis Moralis. Put simply, the modern history of Piraeus can be found in his camera.

Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete Logo

Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete
The Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete was founded in 1964 in Heraklion by a group of friends sharing a mutual love for photography. The goal of the Society is to disseminate the art of photography and to educate people on both the technical and the aesthetic aspect of photography. EFEK is a non-profit association, with more than 200 active members.

IRIDA photo group logo

IRIDA photo group
The IRIDA photo group is member of the “IRIDA” photo association of the House of the Muses of Pieria in Katerini. The photo group aims to constitute a meeting point for those who are passionate about photography! IRIDA participates in many events organized either by the group itself, or by other agents.

Luminous Eye Logo

Luminous Eye
Luminous Eye is a photography-focused art space. A collective project by Gerontakos Vassilis, Haris Kakarouhas, Evi Karagiannidi, Ekaterini Karanika and Pavlos Pavlidis, including a wide range of activities, such as exhibitions, presentations, workshops, talks, publications, and collaborations with international photographic galleries and photographers.

Photographic Club of Livadeia Logo

Photographic Club of Livadeia
The Photographic Club of Livadeia started off in 2005. Year after year, the Club’s activities echo the needs of its members to enjoy life through the art of photography. Having an open mind and an everlasting creative mood, the Club tries to creatively convey appealing charm of the art of photography.

Photometria International Photography Festival Logo

Photometria International Photography Festival
The Photometria International Photography Festival is organized by the non-profit organization “Entefxis”. The vision of Photometria International Photography Festival is encapsulated in showcasing contemporary photography, supporting local and foreign photographers, promoting education and cultivating partnerships with cultural organizations and festivals, both in Greece and abroad.

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